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My portfolio presents the top four works of my career.

The Hierophant

The Hierophant is my current 4th-year honours capstone project for my degree in Interactive Arts and Science at Brock University. This is a thrilling interactive visual novel that focuses on the use of tarot cards to solve an ongoing murder.

I serve as the producer, therefore, I am responsible for dealing with a team of 12 people, planning the schedule, dealing with daily operations, managing our QA team and risk management.

The Heirophant Team

Within my role, one of my main focuses is to ensure that we reach out embedded milestones while ensuring the quality of work produced. I make sure to maintain communication between myself and the team to ensure that stakeholders and sponsors’ expectations are met.

In addition to my role as the producer, I am also part of the marketing team. My roles within this team in creating content, editing blog posts, and publishing items on both our website and Instagram (both links found below).

Within this team creating documentation to ensure all team members are working on a cohesive project has been a priority.

Concept art: The Hermit

In addition I have also attached a overview of my personal notes based on the teams weekly deliverables.

We have also completed a pre-alpha working build that we are excited to continue working on. I have attached a screen recording of some of our features below.

I have also worked within the Project Management software Hansoft, which can be seen below in excel document.

Displayed within this graphic is the amount of work each team member has been assigned and within this what is Not Started, In Progress and Completed.

This graphic shows the number of items each member is assigned.

Brock University’s Collaboration with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Ontario Ministry of Transportation Onboarding Redesign

This project is a collaboration with Brock University to redesign the onboarding process for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s Road User Safety Division. The project focuses on instructional design, employee engagement, AODA compliance and personalization.

My main responsibilities as the producer within this project are communication with sponsors, producing milestones and to achieve and ensure the quality of work has been completed. Within the project, I have attended meetings with MTO representatives to ensure their goals and visions are maintained within our proposed solution.

The below link is our prototype for the current visual redesign. We have focused on the instructional redesign so that information is provided to users in a concise and effective manner. This prototype is created within Figma, an open-source online tool that has allowed us to visualize the layout.

Tutorial of Figma Prototype

In addition to this prototype, we have created documentation for the client. Which was send to the client and reviewed. Iterations on the project are currently being completed tailored to the clients wishes.


AnnaMadeCa is a small business, that I operated from 2016 to 2019. Within this business, I created custom graphics logos and designs for clients which I printed on a variety of merchandise, with a focus on t-shirt and sweaters.

I marketed this business for members of Greek life, with a focus on Sororities. I was able to create a small online store that can be found below.

This was used to showcase a variety of pre-created designs and custom made painted paddles.

As my role as an owner-operator, I was able to utilize social media platforms, such as Instagram to increase my audience. I found that this was the best way for me to connect with my market and increase sales. Please see the below link to be redirected to my Instagram.

Other responsibilities that I completed were sourcing materials, organizing based on cost, quality and availability. Providing shipping to meet customer demand and determining the price based on profit goals. I also solely managed the accounts receivable and payable.

For me, the most important take away from running this business is that every client is different and how I interact with each individual will dramatically affect the sales opportunity.

One Night Only

The above video is a screen recording that focuses on the interactive features of this project.

One Night Only was an interactive thriller film in which you are trying to identify the murder at a dinner party. Your choices and interactions lead to different endings and experiences.

My role within this project, One Night Only, was the producer. This was my first Producer role in which I worked with a team of 9 to complete a two-term interactive media project. My main task was to create a progress plan and to track weekly work to ensure work was being completed.

I also experienced a risk analysis and worked to graph the project’s critical path.