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Here’s a little something about me

Hi, I’m Anna. Previously a student, and now I am working to find my place in the world. I spend most of my time making things, from sewing to art, and when not doing that I enjoy spending time with my pup, Pearl.


During my first semester at Ryerson, within the course Interdisciplinary Innovation taught by Diana Varma and Chris Ambedkar, I learned about the current market variation in Podcasting and how there was an unmet market. This spurred the idea of starting a podcast.  As part of Ryerson’s Master of Digital Media program, graduate students have the…

Chapter 2

Tonight I completed my Major Research Paper Proposal. Very excited about where this project is taking me. -A

Chapter 1.5

Here is a meme that reflects the concepts that I am trying to achieve for my MRP. 🙂

Active Learning

Currently I am taking a Learning and Teaching in Higher Education course. One of the interesting topics that we have talked about is active learning. After exploring this topic in class I found this very interesting article on TopHat. TopHat is an educational resource that I myself used within my undergraduate degree. -> Active learning…


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