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The Importance of Mentorship

When I was at Brock University working as a Student Fundraiser I was requested to complete a mentorship question error. Below is the completed written sections.

“Alex Christie (Assistant Professor, Centre for Digital Humanities) and the guidance he has provided me within the multiple courses I have taken have been instrumental to my time here at Brock. Within my final year at Brock, Alex is advising me with my capstone project. The success of this project will not be achievable without the words of wisdom and time he has put forward. In addition the support Alex is providing has encouraged me to look in both post-grad degrees and masters programs.”

Now, as I have entered a different section of my life, good mentorship is something I continue looking for. When finding a supervisor (mentor), some of the things that I looked for are vibe, previous work, emotional support, and future potential. I will go into depth about each. 

Vibe: If you can’t understand when I talk with my hands or when I can’t find the right word, then it’s a naa from me, fam. 

Previous Work: What areas are they an expert in? Is it something I am interested in? I love to work with people from different backgrounds because the perspective is so different. They bring something completely different to the project, and most of the time, the final result is amazing.  

Emotion Support: I think that a part of working with other people is being compassionate to others. I am very aware of burnout, and I need someone to help me find those next steps. I need a mentor who will tell me that everything will be okay and help me find those next steps. 

Future Potential: Is the mentor able to help me in the future? Or are they looking for a one and done relationship. I think that networking is an important part of the mentorship, and if these people you are working with are not willing to help you, you should re-evaluate. 



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