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Finishing and Starting a Degree During a Pandemic

Times of transition can be off-putting.

Having a smooth transition from anything as simple as moving houses, starting a new job, or graduating from school can dramatically impact how you remember the experiences.

When the COVID-19 pandemic stopped our daily life at Brock University, there was a dramatic pivot that needed to happen. Our development team stopped, and we decided to focus on the human element of our team. We made the hard decision to no longer continue with our project and focus on future work and finding experience in our field of study.

Some of my reflections can be seen within this article from Brock University.

After convocating from Brock, I continued on my life in academia and started a Masters of Digital Media, all within the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting a degree within a pandemic might be more weird than ending one. Now I am four months into my degree with only meeting one person from my cohort, and this meeting was socially distanced and only a couple of seconds.

Thinking about how much I do not know about my peers that I currently see 4 times a week is eye-opening. How tall is everyone? What does the back of your head look like? Do you have stickers on your laptop?

All these questions are things that help me understand the people I work with. Finding new ways to connect with people online is very challenging, and we truly have to be innovative when crafting our learning experience.

– A


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