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The Hierophant Blog Post

This is a blog post I wrote to promote The Hierophant.

Hi, I’m Anna Lang. I would like to introduce you to the Small Fry Media blog. 

Throughout our blog posts, you will be reading about what each member of our team is working on, their goals of this class and their hope of where this game will take us.

Here’s a little bit more about me and my role as producer within the class. The funny thing about my role as producer is that I don’t actually make anything for the game, weird right? I get to work on our production plan and ensure that we meet our deadlines. 

Another big part of my job is to make sure everyone’s on the same page. The Hierophant having cohesive elements is a large part of the gameplay and is something that we’re working hard to ensure throughout the semester.

For me, ensuring that we have cohesion means making sure that everyone talks to each other. Whether or not this is me checking in with all the leads, updating specific teams on major changes, trying to solve problems or just making sure everyone has fun; I get to do it all. 

Within the first couple weeks of our course, the leaders of each team met together and discussed what our goals were: our sound team wanted voice acting, design wanted to have a cohesive style and flow, narrative wanted the player’s choice to matter, marketing wanted to create unique and eye-catching material, and our technology team wanted the game to function. 

One of the things that I set as my personal goal is to ensure that each team was able to fulfill its main and primary objectives. I wanted to make sure that everyone on our team was integrated and involved in the work. Having everyone feel some type of way would make this work better as a team and ensure that we could achieve our goals.

At this moment in time, we are currently working on a white box build. What is a white box you ask? Basically, it’s a test or mockup to ensure that we are dreaming up something that we can achieve. This is our first major mechanical deliverable and is one of the make-or-break points regarding how our team is functioning as a whole.

I’m currently very excited about our progress and am excited for you guys to learn more about it!

Till next time,



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