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I received my BA in Interactive Arts and Science from Brock University with a Concentration in Digital Prototyping. My undergraduate program is very unique as we have an interdisciplinary area of study which has allowed me to study digital media, project management and digital expression giving me a broad base of technology, personal and team based skills. 

I am currently attending the Yeates School of Graduate Studies at Ryerson University for a Masters in Digital Media and planning on graduating in September 2021.

While working in Personal and Commercial Insurance at Duliban Insurance Brokers and Group Insurance at Equitable Life of Canada I was able to gain experience in the insurance industry and further my understanding of insurance based products. 

After leaving the insurance industry I was able to use some of my Digital Media skills to transfer into a marketing position at Spirit Athletics. There I learned the in’s and out’s of social media management and was able to establish a larger understanding for marketing.

Currently I am working for a fast paced start-up called Best Athletes as their Digital Marketing Specialist. Like any start-up’s I have the the pleasure of wearing many hats, but primarily I am controlling their social media and assisting with marketing implementations. One of the valuable lesson’s I have learned with this company so far is the ability to perform a quick pivot.

Professionally I am looking to extend my knowledge of digital media and how it effects individuals. I would like to continue to explore how using my current skills and strengths as well as my research into accommodation studies could potentially create a powerhouse project manager.